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Tim Parzyck Talks About the Future of Packaging in the Beauty Industry

July 23, 2018 -
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Q. What is your background in packaging?

A. I graduated from the University of Michigan’s School of Art with a degree in graphic design and moved to Chicago shortly thereafter. Originally more interested in industrial design, my first job at a small design studio, “Perception Design” introduced me to package design. A move to Los Angeles in the early 90’s introduced me to the world of prototype packaging (comps) which I’ve been involved in for nearly 25 years — 17 of those years heading up Packaging at Coloredge.

Q. With the advent of Instagram, do you find comps more necessary than before?

A. Definitely. We’ve seen a huge rise in the demand for short runs of ultra-specialized packaging that is specifically geared towards influencers and unboxing for Instagram and other social media outlets. The rise of social media as a key marketing tool continues to grow and shows no signs of stopping. This also underscores the importance of packaging to the consumer — today’s shopper is dramatically more savvy about their purchases and demands not only high quality but also a unique, bespoke experience with their purchase.

Q. What do you think younger beauty brands are doing differently with their packaging compared to older more established beauty brands? (ex. Glossier vs. Estee Lauder)

A. As Forbes stated: “(Glossier is) forgoing heavily contoured made-up models and celebrities for fresh-faced millennials sporting “no-makeup” makeup…”  This desire to connect with the younger consumer’s appetite is based heavily on marketing strategies but the packaging can reflect those needs as well — simpler, cleaner designs and higher recyclability in primary and secondary packaging components. Sustainability in packaging is nothing new. However, the consumer’s demand for it and it’s rollout in the mass market is a trend that has gained critical momentum.   

Q. Where do you see the future of packaging within the beauty industry?

A. Beauty is a highly complex and diversified market. For every simple, organic, sustainable package, there is a desire for an elegant and (dare I say) ostentatious package. The big brands realize this, hence their own acquisitions and diversification in their product lines.  Packaging will continue to reflect the wide range of consumers desires with the only certainty in packaging being the desire to bring something unique and exciting to market. Hence the challenge to designers and manufacturers to always be innovating.

Q. How can beauty brands utilize Coloredge’s packaging services? (comps, photography, retouching, etc)

A. Now, more than ever, speed to market and getting unique concepts “realized” is critical.  What Coloredge Packaging provides is a powerful, national team of experts who are true craftsmen in their fields of expertise. It starts with an exciting concept from the designer but then it has to evolve with color studies, 3D printed structure studies, shrink testing, rapid comps (prototype) packages — and this has to happen fast. And be done with precision. Coloredge Packaging takes clients through all these steps and rounds it out with expert photography, retouching, and print-ready files. A complete solutions provider for the packaging lifecycle.