Jason Dillas talks the future of hotels and branded environments

July 2, 2018 -
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Q: What are branded environments?

A: Branded Environments tell a story. They spark an emotional human connection to a space through material, texture, color and design. It’s these very connections that leave us feeling motivated, meaningful and engaged.

Q: How do branded environments fit within the hotel & hospitality industry?

A: In a diverse and competitive market, it’s imperative to tell the right story. Branded environments play a key role in this space. How? By balancing design, the brand and the guest experience. A hotel’s brand is not simply a static image or a logo, it is a belief system. Since a brand starts from within an organization, I think it’s crucial that your interior experience expresses the same.

Q: Give us an example of a hotel that is doing branded environments well.

A: For me, this is simple Marriott. I have been a client of theirs for years. The experience I get from an interior design standpoint tells me they get it. The furniture, wallcoverings, materials and finishes all work incredibly well together. It doesn’t even have to be the higher Marriott brands. Each brand they manage gives me a different experience. I should also say that I’m sure others are knocking it out of the park too. This is a prime example of what branded environments do because I keep going back for the same feelings I get.

Q:  Where does Coloredge fit in with branded environments?

A: Where don’t we fit in? Since the 1970’s our people have taught us that a great interior space has extraordinary effects on our wellness and overall productivity. I’ve been in this business for 20 years and have never seen such a multi layered company. Our services go well beyond design, print and finishing. We are experts when it comes to understanding space as a physical embodiment of a brand. On a global platform I might add.”

Q: Why do you think all hotels haven’t completely embraced branded environments yet?

 A:  In my opinion, the hotel & hospitality industry is always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to enhance guest experiences and keep loyal guests coming back. However, there is a problem when it comes to knowledge. Knowledge of what is actually possible regarding the use of custom branded materials, print technologies and the ways to use them creatively and strategically. This goes for print companies as well. Having worked with Design directors and Interior groups within A&D firms along with numerous print companies, I’m amazed at how many “wow I didn’t know that was even possible” comments I get. This is where Coloredge shines, as we are educators!