Coloredge Unveils The Art of High Impact

March 18, 2015 -
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Welcome to a higher bar.

And welcome to Coloredge’s brand new website. We’re raising the creative bar again. This time in a world-class effort for ourselves.

Of course, nothing we do is done without you in mind. “The Art of High Impact” – a new expression of our enduring mission and values – is a reflection of our tireless commitment to perfection, our passion for innovation, and our collaboration with the world’s most discerning brands, including yours.

Our new site is filled with powerful category-leading work, for category leaders, and ideas about how we might collaborate with your company on hundreds of visual solutions at the highest level of execution and impact.

We’ve also shared how we think and feel about our craft. We know it’s not just what you do, but how you do it. One short paragraph from the website sums it up:

“We back our commitment to your success with deep expertise and endless dedication. We’re easy to work with. Tough on ourselves. And share your love of creating the incredible, the impactful, and the beautiful.”

So as we launch our new site, we welcome you, and thank you. Without your valuable partnership, Coloredge would not be the industry leader in high-end imaging solutions. We would not be innovating in digital signage and content, or client-facing technologies. Nor would we be continuously nurturing our deep-rooted expertise in studio services and imaging solutions.

As we showcase The Art of High Impact, we also celebrate your impact on us.