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Packaging Can Make or Break Your Success

August 15, 2018 -

As consumers, we tend to identify our favorite products within seconds of seeing them. This is not by accident. The packaging of healthcare and wellness products can make or break your sales and deliver the first impression to the customer. While the look of packaging has not always been a deal breaker to the consumer... View Article

Beauty Packaging Fact 1

Why Good Beauty Packaging Is Replacing Good Marketing

July 23, 2018 -

Millennials want the ‘whole package’…and then some. If today’s consumer trends tell us anything, it’s that marketing budgets shouldn’t be spent on marketing…but on packaging. When it comes to the beauty sphere, younger brands are ditching the traditional marketing approach and catering to the packaging one. Focusing on unique packaging and label designs are how... View Article

CE Beers

Packaging Trends in Craft Beer

July 5, 2018 -

Any beer drinker will tell you there’s three ways to drink beer: Draft, bottles and cans. For beer drinkers, there’s not much thought given to these three options. You like your beer how you like it. For beer distributors, however, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to bottles and cans. According to... View Article