David Yurman Unveils Gisele and Jewelry at their Annual Rooftop Party

August 6, 2012 - ,
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David Yurman held its annual rooftop event in New York City, celebrating their Fall line on August 1, 2012. Their new campaign featured supermodel, Gisele, and Coloredge was there to make sure the evening sparkled.

Coloredge’s Paul Wallace was approached by David Yurman to provide both traditional and digital media for the fete. The party and unveiling of the new jewelry line would take place on the roof in Tribeca at sunset. Gorgeous photos captured by Peter Lindbergh gave the event the signature David Yurman look, featuring a very sexy tousled Gisele Bundchen on Malibu beach. For the roof, Coloredge printed enormous black and white graphics on 15 feet of canvas, which were then stretched over custom wooden frames. Additionally, on display in the lobby, there was a stunning picture of Gisele and the new jewelry line, which was produced by mounting a cprint to plexi.

David Yurman wanted to elevate the event this year by also having a screen on the roof featuring the ad campaign, a brand guide and a behind the scenes look at the photo shoot. Being that it would take place at sunset, Coloredge had to figure out a way that the screen could be seen and not washed out by the light. After an extensive search on what could produce the brightest images, Coloredge favored the Nanolumens NL6 slim screen, which is not only extremely flexible and light but also bright enough to battle the ambient sunlight. The screen was rigged on trusses and a 12ftx12ft custom frame was built to enclose the Nanolumen screen and brand it with David Yurman’s logo.

Coloredge was also on hand for content creation. Supplied with beautiful footage of the photo shoot and images of the fabulous jewelry, the videos needed to be edited, formatted and looped into a presentation. Coloredge was able to do so for David Yurman and the event was a go.

There was only one thing that could threaten the David Yurman rooftop party from being perfect and that was rain. It rained all day long on Wednesday. But as luck would have it, right as the event began at 6:30pm, the skies cleared up and there was a glowing sunset, providing a breathtaking backdrop for a gorgeous event.

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