The Coloredge Story

October 17, 2013 -
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The Coloredge Story was created by our interactive team to illustrate the wide range of talents and services the Coloredge team provides to it’s clients. The CE Story shows the journey of a brand as it travels from ideation to production and every detail in between.

The first step to creating the animation was to storyboard the journey of the brand. Our interactive designers began sketching and illustrating the production process. Then we brought those frames into After Effects where the real fun began. Each element was animated in an illustrative fashion to enhance and compliment the ink drawn elements in the frame.

The paper and ink style of the objects were created to illustrate the playful and artistic vision we bring to our work everyday. The simple black and white coloring adds a hint of nostalgia, however color is introduced at the end of our story when the secret ingredient of a brand’s journey is revealed, Coloredge.

Click here to view animation.

Coloredge is the largest provider of visual imaging solutions for luxury brands and retailers. With nationwide operations in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Carlstadt, NJ, Coloredge creates high-impact visual spaces for retailers, museums, events, arenas, and corporate environments. In addition to wide-format imaging and digital display solutions, Coloredge provides leading brands with end-to-end creative production services including pre-media, studio photography, CGI/3D imaging, creative retouching, package prototyping, and digital asset management.