Branded Hotels, More Than You Think

June 4, 2019 -
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Next time you plan a vacation, boutique hotels might be the lodging you seek. As the boutique hotel industry has expanded to a valuation of more than $17 billion, many lifestyle brands have taken notice and decided to insert themselves in the market. Classic and namesake brands like Kohler, Shinola, and even minimal clothing brand, Muji have all opened unique, on-brand hotels to interact with their customers from end-to-end.

When you travel, there are many things that factor into a hotel choice. Many travellers are often looking for the best deal when booking a night in a given location. In this case, the best deal just might be found inside a completely branded hospitality experience. Adhering to the brand structure, creating a relevant ambience and experience for the guest, and a well rounded interaction with the brand are the many ways that “lifestyle” brands can satisfy and wow their existing fans, while enticing novice consumers.

With minimal, lifestyle brand Muji opening their flagship hotel in Tokyo, we see that the pillars of their brand are shining through. Working with repurposed materials like wood, stone and earth, the interior features repurposed paving stones from trolley ways that ran through Tokyo 100 years ago and materials recycled from actual ship debris in its design. (Muji)

For Shinola, the luxury goods manufacturer based in Detroit, the opening of the hotel was more than a prime opportunity. The brand claims the hotel as “more than a space, an experience,” which is right along the lines of the industry these days. The brand also capitalizes on their reputation for quality, luxury goods by ensuring that no detail went overlooked, giving way to the mantra, “From retail to hospitality—it’s time to go beyond products. It’s time to build a community.”

Another lifestyle brand that has recently entered the space is the luxury gym, Equinox. Citing their inaugural hotel space in New York City as “a seamless extension of a life well-lived, elevating fitness, culture, and community for those who rest and play as hard as they work.” This ensures that those who interact with the brand on a daily basis can spend a little more time resting and taking in all that the Equinox environment provides. With the flagship location set to open in New York this summer, we will soon get to see exactly how Equinox does hospitality.

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