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January 22, 2019 - , ,

In today’s changing world, cooperation and partnership are two of the most valuable things in business. When design agencies are tasked with projects that seem a bit too big for their particular capabilities, many look to vendors or partners to fill the void. Design is a widely diverse industry, therefore many things go far beyond... View Article

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Coloredge’s Favorite Pop-ups of 2018!

December 20, 2018 - ,

As the retail industry is shaken up by changes in consumer trends and demands, a new form of retail has come to light that might just change the face of the retail industry forever. Pop-up shops are now ubiquitous in many cities around the world, with astonishing results stemming from the impermanence. Since we at... View Article


The Importance of Branded Environments in Hotels

October 16, 2018 -

A buzzword that has been taking over the retail sector is connected to the hospitality industry in more ways than you think. Branded Environments tell a story about your brand and spark emotional connection with consumers. In a time of constant connectivity and the endless quest for unique experiences, it is crucial for hotels to... View Article

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Jason Dillas talks the future of hotels and branded environments

July 2, 2018 -

Q: What are branded environments? A: Branded Environments tell a story. They spark an emotional human connection to a space through material, texture, color and design. It’s these very connections that leave us feeling motivated, meaningful and engaged. Q: How do branded environments fit within the hotel & hospitality industry? A: In a diverse and... View Article