My Business is Reopening in Phases: What Can I Do to Prepare?

June 25, 2020 -

Every state is allowing businesses to slowly reopen its doors and adjust their services according to current safety precautions. We have curated three essential phases for your brand to keep in mind as you prepare to re-open.  Phase 1:  The Importance of Physical barriers and Visual Marketing  There are many aspects to consider when your... View Article


My Business After COVID-19: What’s Next?

May 19, 2020 -

The first challenge for every business was to stand up to the COVID-19 crisis and navigate through it, which we did together. Now, we need to keep moving forward and we start planning a future within this new normalcy we’re dealing with. Some say the world will never be the same after the outbreak, and... View Article


How Has E-Commerce Managed to Help Brands Stay Afloat?

April 18, 2020 -

As Coronavirus takes hold of the world and changes the way we work, shop, and interact with others, certain aspects of life might forever change. As people stop shopping in stores, or keep their distance when doing so, e-commerce is seeming to have an up-tick.    At Coloredge, we are always keeping an eye out... View Article


How the 2019 Holiday Season is Shaping Up

October 8, 2019 - ,

The holiday shopping season is one of the biggest periods in the retail year. Given the tradition and weight this time of year holds in the United States, the annual holiday sales forecast from the National Retail Federation is always a remarkable happening. The world’s largest retail trade association is responsible for the advancement of... View Article


Green Marketing and the Retail Revolution

September 10, 2019 -

With the retail industry in flux, and brands constantly reinventing themselves, or even inventing new brands, things are shifting right before our eyes. With themes like eco-branding, sustainable packaging, and more interactive retail experiences, there are many ways that brands and retailers can take small or large steps to help refresh their flare. Green Marketing... View Article