Creating Solid Branded Environments

November 4, 2020 -
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Brands are always looking to reinvent themselves for their consumers to keep a competitive edge. Branded Environments can serve for storytelling, giving an Instagrammable moment to visitors or creating buzz in the industry for a new product launch. There are many ways to go about producing a branded environment for any type of industry, and today we will present some of the ways you can be sure that yours comes out flawlessly.

Before considering anything else, even the location of your branded environment, it is necessary that you define the goal of your space. Are you looking to get more shoppers to convert via online shopping, or are you trying to create buzz around the look and release of your latest product launch? Whether this or anything else is your goal, it is important to lay down the roadmap to know where to direct your intention. Take this example of Macy’s Story for Holiday 2019. When the client came to us with a clear vision for each of the environments, we knew exactly how to proceed to fabricate and install an environment that would transport shoppers into a holiday wonderland.

Another grand aspect when planning a branded environment are the digital elements that add to your omnichannel marketing efforts. Utilizing QR codes for example offer convenient ways to get more information to your customers, and also offer advanced tracking technology to know exactly where visitors came from, and even where they are likely to shop! It is estimated that QR codes are used in up to 61% of malls in America, so why not get ahead with your branded environments and implement this digital tool?

One of the last and perhaps most important elements of a successful branded environment is the installation of produced pieces and adornments. When you have a production partner that can ensure your environments will be assembled in a timely manner. When it comes to us at Coloredge, we have several production plants that ensure we can handle rollouts in any part of the country with the same quality and speed as ever. We have professionals that have been working with us for years to complete groundbreaking work for a plethora of brands, both retail and non-retail.

Count on Coloredge to ensure that your Branded Environment is the envy of your competitors. Reach out to us at to learn more!