Digital Elements and The Beauty Industry

August 24, 2020 - , ,
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The beauty industry is as resilient as it is historic and glamourous. COVID-19 has affected industries of all kinds, but one of the most notable is that of consumer goods like clothing, and most importantly, beauty. Despite this downturn, we see that many brands are revitalizing their businesses in ways never seen. Department store titans are finding a new home in a digital landscape, digitally native brands are finding new ways to engage their consumers and keep brand awareness strong. Whether you are located in-store or online, there are ways that digital efforts can help you and your brand. 

There are many ways that brands can innovate during times of uncertainty and crisis. By implementing digital tactics, we can ensure that the brand’s essence is not lost, even when shoppers are reluctant to make the trip to the store. A trusted partner of ours, Kiehl’s is set to launch virtual consultations to guide users on the products best suited for them (WWD) Virtual aspects of branding and consumer engagement is no stranger to Kiehls, last year we helped them implement digital signage for various Manhattan locations, feast your eyes here! 

Another way that brands can ensure their presence and awareness is not diminished is through renewed digital content. We know that beauty buyers tend to spend more when they make purchases online, so compelling content is the key. For example, take Ulta, who saw the usage of their digital environment be used more than 19 million times during the first months of lockdown. (CNN) Be it retouching existent campaigns, like we did for Revlon CND, or this top-level artwork for Calvin Klein Fragrances. There are many ways that we at Coloredge can help your brand reach the next level and be ready for anything coming the world’s way. Reach out to our expert team to find out how we can help you and your brand!