From E-Commerce to Real Life Retail

July 23, 2019 -
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With empty storefronts in many U.S. cities, it can lead one to wonder if the fate of the retail industry is fleeting given the increase in online retail across all sectors. With Coloredge having a foot in the Branded Environments industry, this could be a cause for concern. However, with research we see that despite the visual symptoms of an ephemeral retail industry, one trend that is evidently on the up and up. Many online-first brands have been spearheading their efforts to take their game off-line and into retail stores. Via pop-ups and flagship locations, brands have found impressive success in this endeavor. 

In a study by the MoniGroup, we see that just about half of Americans prefer to shop at a brick and mortar store. Those who oppose online shopping, base their apprehension on the (obvious) risk of damaged or broken products or the fact that what they get might not be the product they were expecting. If shoppers have the opportunity to visit a brand in person and up close, they might feel more comfortable taking that interest from physical visits, eventually to an online brand experience. 

By no means are online-only brands the reason for the rampant decrease in retail foot traffic around the country. What Business Insider found is that online native brands are in fact improving the brick-and-mortar experience across the entire retail sector. Connie Chen notes, “digitally native retailers are opening up more and more physical retail locations, but with their own spins. At these stores, you can find associates who will truly go out of their way to help you shop, exclusives that you might not be able to snag online, and well-designed interiors that you’ll never want to leave…” which naturally transfers over to store that have always been around in an attempt to galvanize already fired-up shoppers. 

When brands choose to take the leap into the physical retail space, they might need help with branded elements that make any retail space memorable. Check out this job we did for a pop-up put on by Italian luxury goods brand, Yoox at the famous Eataly market in New York City. A true branded experience! Another example of the work we can do for any new retail endeavor is here in this Holiday themed environment at the famed Henri Bendel store in Manhattan, this was a true wonderland!

For any of your projects regarding branded environments or the transition from e-commerce to brick-and-mortar, Coloredge can help in more ways than you might think! Contact us at