Green Marketing and the Retail Revolution

September 10, 2019 -
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With the retail industry in flux, and brands constantly reinventing themselves, or even inventing new brands, things are shifting right before our eyes. With themes like eco-branding, sustainable packaging, and more interactive retail experiences, there are many ways that brands and retailers can take small or large steps to help refresh their flare. Green Marketing is a relatively new term to the retail space, and encompasses everything from improving supply chains, to revolutionizing packaging, and even utilizing digital elements within the store to entice shoppers and create a well-rounded experience. 

Here at Coloredge, we are no strangers to improvements in material sourcing, new techniques in prototype creation, and digital retail elements. For this packaging reinvention for Reformation Brewery, innovation and precision were the guiding lights. Using techniques and materials that were most efficient and novel, we were able to help them execute a marketing campaign for their newest craft brew. 

While many think that recyclable packaging and resourcing new materials, but digital elements can be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of printing materials needed to create the shopper’s journey. With these digital screens for Hugo Boss, we worked hand in hand with their content team to create a one-of-a-kind experience for the shopper. By choosing the fit and style of their prospective purchase, shoppers at Hugo Boss were able to interact with the brand and this helps ensure that their purchase process is flawless and personal. 

Other brands and retailers leading the way in green marketing are ones such as Whole Foods, Johnson & Johnson, Patagonia, and even IKEA by implementing new internal processes, modifying marketing tactics, and rethinking everything from packaging to way finding. 

Work with Coloredge to help your brand ride the green marketing wave!