Holiday Season: 3 Do’s For Your Business

November 9, 2020 - ,
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Holidays tend to be an important (and busy) time for all business, big and small, and it’s important for you and your business to prepare and gear up for it. Instead of being stressed, pressured or worried, think of the upcoming months as the most exciting ones of the year. Holidays can actually be very profitable for business owners… if you think ahead and develop a 360 campaign for it. You need to cover all angles and make sure you’re ready for it – luckily, you can count on Coloredge to provide a helping hand.

Stock-up for the big days:

There’s three main shopping dates you need to take into consideration: Black Friday (Nov 27th), Small Business Saturday (Nov 28th), and Cyber Monday (Nov30th). These days kick off the season, so you need to do so on the right foot. Make sure you’re able to fulfill your customers demand and build a strategy for promoting these dates, create excitement around them and make it impossible for your clients to pass on it.

Know your channels:

Some channels don’t work for certain businesses, and that’s ok. The important thing is that, by know, you already know what channels work for you and for which purpose. Usually, business focus on email campaigns, social media and mobile initiatives, so probably this is the case for your company as well. An effective, well-targeted mailing campaign, aligned with a strong social media game and combined with a mobile-first thinking, is the key to digital success.

Create your Holiday Edge:

If you want people to act on what you offer to them, you have to make it appealing for them. It’s not enough to create a Holiday Campaign (which all brands do), you need to stand out from the rest and be competitive about it. What’s your edge for the season? It can be something as simple as an attractive coupon or something more elaborated like a online holiday event; also, sales and special discount always add value when it come to this.
After you have this 3 main bullets figured out, you can count on Coloredge to execute and make it all happen for your business this Holiday Season.