How Beauty Packaging Can Lead to Sales

November 21, 2018 -
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First impressions matter, and this is especially true when talking about beauty packaging and consumers. Whether you have the next big thing, or a go-to favorite, packaging is now more about wowing the customer than ever before. Apart from simply impressing the consumer, a sense of luxury is ubiquitous in the world of beauty product package design. Sophia Smith of Viva Glam magazine, notes that for a sense of luxury, “the color of the package…is loaded with meaning. For instance, red is usually used on anti-aging skincare lines…organic and natural products often feature a clean white or silver design and just the right shade of green. A clean and minimal design seems to appeal to large audiences, while an abundance of color and ‘tackiness’ gives out an impression of cheapness”.

While too much color can seem extraneous or low-end, the colors you do choose have a huge impact, and impact is what sells. Many brands are taking note of the way that color combination can impact a buyer’s decision making. The Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute, Laurie Pressman states how, “color has become symbiotic with design…for both product and packaging, it’s important to consider not just individual colors but the way in which the colors are combined with one another. Contrast as well as color proportion impacts appearance,” (Simplify My Packaging). In the world of brand packaging, tips and tendencies come and go, but at the end of the day it’s the sales that speak for themselves.

Lustrous package design has been shown to lead to an increase in purchases, since beautiful packages, “evoked more intensive activity changes in brain regions associated with an impulsive system.” One study by the Orbis Research Group also found that by 2023, the global beauty industry will be valued at more than $800 billion, leaving much room for innovation and tradition bending. While older consumers hold strong as a purchasing base, one demographic that is quickly gaining momentum is that of buyers aged 18 to 34. Believe it or not, millenials are actually “twice as likely to become heavy buyers and account for 47% of all heavy buyers today,” (eMarketer). This wave of millenial fervor is fueled in part by the fact that younger consumers are more likely to purchase things they see on social media than any other demographic, causing brands to “consider retailers’ real world shelves as well as their digital shelves and landscape when developing packaging”.

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