How Brands Handle Activations Post-COVID

October 15, 2020 - , ,
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Brand activations can serve as great marketing tools for many industries. Pop-up shops, branded environments, brand partnerships and more are the most common ways to introduce new products or even a whole new brand to the world. As COVID took storm across the world, we saw a drastic drop in the brand activations we are used to seeing. According to Reply, the needs of brands before the pandemic were mostly self actualization and esteem. We see that after the pandemic hit hardest, brands are most concerned with belonging, safety needs, and physiological needs.

This also reigns true when it comes to branded environments, which are now being planned with all safety and hygiene measures in mind to keep customers and staff safe. In this study by You Gov, we note how, “16% of Americans say they are ’very likely’ or ’somewhat likely’ to attend an event organized by a brand in the next 12 months. Millennials, meanwhile, are even more likely to attend an event, with that number climbing to 24 percent.” We at Coloredge have quite a bit of experience in branded environments and have been doing our homework when it comes to keeping our staff safe and making sure that all brands’ needs are met when it comes time to resume activations and IRL engagements.

One aspect that COVID brought brands is the opportunity to redefine what experiential marketing is for their specific sector. Take toilet paper manufacturer, Cottonelle, and their “direct message to ease consumers’ concerns and discourage panic buying. Instead, the brand urged people to, “Stock up on generosity,” and simultaneously launched a campaign called #ShareASquare, in partnership with the U.S.-based charity, United Way.” This is a great way for brands to show that they have their fingers on the pulse of current events and can assure their loyal customers that things are alright and even galvanize new audiences to convert.

If your brand is needing to find some fresh ideas and ways to connect with your audience, look no further than Coloredge as we have over 30 years of experience in retail, brand activations, branded environments and much more!