How Can Packaging Trends Help Brands Recover Post COVID-19

July 10, 2020 -
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As the uncertainty of how the world will recover from the COVID-19 crisis persists, we at Coloredge have begun wondering how one aspect of our service offering will adapt: Packaging. Everything from CPGs to Prototypes and Sales Samples are in a constant state of evolving. After doing research, we have discovered some aspects of the packaging industry that are soon to change. To begin, we note that Sustainability will be a big focus for both brands and consumers as time goes on. Mckinsey reports that, “sustainability will remain a key industry-shaping trend, offering strong competitive advantages for a resourceful packaging converter…however, [it] should be redefined alongside hygiene and consumer safety concerns.” This means that brands will need to find a balance when designing, sourcing, and producing their products. We at Coloredge are always on top of the latest trends, since the beginning. Read more about our history here.

Another aspect that is shifting packaging as we know it is Smart Packaging. By unifying e-commerce practices with tangible products, brands can make sure that their presence is as omnipresent as possible. Information standards association GS1 US highlighted in a study that, “82% of retailers and 92% of brand owners support transitioning from the UPC code to a data-rich 2D barcode, a digital watermark, and/or an RFID tag in the next one to five years.” By implementing these elements in your packaging, you can ensure that your brand will not get left behind.  Check out this packaging we did for Red Bull that included a Snapchat code that fans could scan and open exclusive content, here.

Lastly, we want to mention the importance of hygiene and consumer safety with all kinds of products. When considering Beauty products, we often think how the markets and consumers will react to things we previously paid no mind to. In this article by Luxe Packaging Insight, “beauty packaging company HCT has focused efforts on developing components that “allow for a luxurious and unique application experience, while also serving as a hygienic skincare solution.” This can include applicators, disposable testers, and even reusable bottles and applicators. Consider this project we did for Amway, where larger than life prototypes of products were used to display new lines and can be used to visualize the product without touching it.

No matter how the future turns out, we at Coloredge are ready to tackle it all. Trust our team of experts for any packaging need.