How Digital Marketing Improvements can take brand awareness to the top.

October 8, 2020 -
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As consumers are glued to their phones, we notice that content and brand presence can be the deciding factor for a brand’s success. Here at Coloredge, we are always keeping our fingers on the pulse of marketing, both digital and print. We see that in the latest Altimeter / Prophet State of Digital Marketing report, that roughly 37% of brands’ main goal is to increase brand awareness and brand health. By improving the look of your content on social media, or the ease of use on your company’s website can be great places to start when looking to spice up your company’s image.

Another great way to get the word out there for your brand or business is Digital Out-of-Home. This fairly new trend incorporates the best of both worlds – large billboards that can be made dynamic and custom set for regions, occasions, campaigns and more. Utilizing DOOH can improve any company’s omnichannel marketing efforts. Consider how New York City’s Hudson Yards uses a variety of Digital elements all across their property that are fully customizable and attract more than just a gander. 

Another great example of digital elements mixing with tradition wide format advertising is this campaign from British Airways that dynamically changed to highlight incoming flights and depict a small boy pointing at the sky every time a plane flew by. The data was taken from flight registry, so the information displayed on screen matched the flight going overhead.

Bringing it back home, we at Coloredge are no strangers to using digital elements in out of home settings. Have a look at The Greens, a brand new installation at the Seaport District in New York City where not only the printing was done by Coloredge, however we outfitted the area with a dynamic digital screen that could be easily programmed to display brand promotions, or even films! This way the guests will never be bored while enjoying time in the sun near the water.