How the 2019 Holiday Season is Shaping Up

October 8, 2019 - ,
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The holiday shopping season is one of the biggest periods in the retail year. Given the tradition and weight this time of year holds in the United States, the annual holiday sales forecast from the National Retail Federation is always a remarkable happening. The world’s largest retail trade association is responsible for the advancement of the  interests of the retail industry through advocacy, communications, and education. Given the shadow of the Federation, many retailers anxiously await and plan their holiday marketing and product initiatives accordingly. 

This year the National Retail Federation projects that holiday sales will grow 3.8%-4.2%. In raw numbers, and they predict from $727.9 billion to $730.7 billion will be spent from now through the end of the holiday season. With all this money to be spent, retailers and brands need to be ready to astonish consumers. 

One theme that is sure to be present this year in the retail sector is data. More and more is data a valuable asset to know your customer base, and many brands are not shy in their desire to acquire more of it. This is not necessarily a bad thing, given the demonstrated benefits that more data in retail have proven, with intelligent pricing, stock keeping, and even ease of access. 

Another aspect that highlights the holiday season’s place in the American Retail Industry are the ubiquitous holiday window displays at malls and storefronts everywhere. In this article by the New York Times, storefront windows are noted for “helping suck customers in, not with product so much as theme. Even for those who can’t make it to the windows, those themes radiate outward, setting the tone for the season: in store, online, in mailers and on all-important social media, a 360-degree wallop of shoppable holiday spirit”. This holiday spirit can be translated through a range of services, and one that is ubiquitous yet underrated is branded environments. 

Coloredge can turn your store lobby into a holiday gift box wonderland, give spirit to your windows, or even create three dimensional themed adornments for ambience.  No matter how big or small, Coloredge can do it all!