How Will Out Of Home Advertising Change Post COVID-19?

July 29, 2020 -
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With the world having been locked down for months, and slowly coming back into what we could call “normal” life, we at Coloredge began to wonder how the Out of Home Marketing industry might change in the near future. Having completed all sorts of jobs in this sector, including this larger than life barricade for David Salle, or this full size visual for The Halos warehouse in California. Needless to say, we keep our hands in all things OOH and Large Scale Printing. 

While researching the latest predictions and trends, we found that the Print Marketing Industry is set to have an overall growth of 1.85% in 2020, even accounting for the disruptions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic (BusinessWire). Despite this uptick in Large Format Printing, we do see that overall, the global ad market was projected to be valued at nearly $900 Billion by 2024, with post-COVID-19 forecasts sitting around $646 Billion overall. We envision that the use of LED Billboards will be a solid and easily adaptable way for advertisers to make the most of their spend, and we believe that this is a creative and simple way to get your message across, more than once. The concept of DOOH (Digital Out of Home) was in its development over the last ten years, but according to Entrepreneur, “Keeping public safety in mind, as we move towards more relaxed restrictions with social distancing and hygiene being the order of the day, more smart utility-digital displays are likely to emerge out of this emergency in public places delivering safety guidelines equipped with facial-identity scanners, thermal detectors, and more.”  

We at Coloredge are no strangers to digital solutions, our proven track record in static Out of Home Imaging is evident, like this Barricade done for a new Gucci store, we also have created a variety of digital solutions before it was in style, like with this digital board for the launch of David Yurman’s Fall Collection, or this digital kiosk that helped Hugo Boss tailor their suits to every clients’ measurements.

For all your digital and OOH needs, don’t doubt in reaching out to us! With Coloredge, Brands Meet Production.