How Window Displays Will Help Retail As The World Reopens

July 16, 2020 -
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Is window shopping dead as we know it?

In B.C. times (Before COVID), retail was already shifting from IRL experiences to being more online driven, with eCommerce and internet shopping rising more and more. The impact of the pandemic already caused many stores to announce they wouldn’t be back in business after lockdowns lift, so now is the time to reorganize your business and prepare to rise from the ashes of the now-fragile retail industry leading the pack. 

New research published on BBC shows that online shopping could be influenced by the environment created by stores, such as the layout, levels of crowding and exposure to colors offer a higher level of stimulation; consumers look for compelling experiences both online and offline. While window shopping could be happening more through a browser, now is the time to innovate and stand out from the rest of the brands. A well-designed window display will help you to captivate new customers in a now-apprehensive market, where customers will prefer online options more and more. 

A question comes to mind: will retail shopping ever recover?  Yes, it will recover, but it will comeback very changed after all that has happened in the last few months. A full integration between your eCommerce and your In-Store experiences need to happen, customers spend more time online and COVID won’t reverse this. There will always be a place for physical retail, but it needs the support of streamlined digital platforms and detailed analytics. 

Technology needs to be your bridge moving forward, and not a wall in your path to success. Take advantage of the tools at your disposal, especially those offered by Coloredge to make your business bulletproof. As for your physical stores, social distancing will still be around, making window shopping the new way of actually shopping. Stores are putting an extra effort while creating their window displays, making sure customers are able to see and choose what they want from a distance, morphing regular IRL shopping sprees experiences into a new take-away/pick-and-go format (BBC).