I Think My Brand Needs a Rebranding: What Should I Do?

June 17, 2020 -
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The logo, tagline, color palette, copywriting, and strategy of a brand are all part of a larger mission: the brand voice. While it has been customary for brands who need to ‘refresh’ their look to just tweak their logo or expand their color palette, now it goes much deeper. Nextstepcomms notes that rebranding “can be an essential change in the way you communicate with an audience, both in tone and method. Shifting the way you speak to your audience can increase engagement, elevate brand awareness, and introduce new or modernized messaging.” When evaluating the effectiveness of your brand either through social media or products, it is vital to analyze the data in which your consumers and audience engage with your brand. Do certain posts perform better than others? Does your audience understand the purpose of your company by just looking at your messaging? Does your messaging tailor to the right target demographics? These are simple but key questions brand marketers ask themselves when deciding to take their branding to the next step. 

Let’s take a look at real examples. In 2018, Mailchimp completed a new brand system to “retain all the weird, lovable elements that endeared…earliest customers to Mailchimp, while creating space for the brand to grow and connect with even more small businesses.” Through this particular project, Mailchimp was able to retain its status as the leading email marketing provider for thousands of businesses while highlighting its unique and quirky voice. Just last year,  Android rebranded to reflect its “shift in market” by becoming more approachable and shifting towards lowercase typography, like those of Asana and Airbnb. 

At the end of the day, an effective branding system is crucial to land clients and expand your market. Not only does well produced branding resonate with an audience but also employees and potential hires, as reported by Forbes. Now, what are next steps? Well, we at Coloredge can make the process simple.  Not only can we produce and print your branding for product refreshes, retail environments, OOH and experiential activations but also support you in the digital front through retouching, digital asset management, and rendering/CGI.