Improving the Workplace for My Team: How Can Coloredge Help Us?

June 11, 2020 -
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The world is slowly returning to a higher level of normalcy than we have seen in the recent past. With various sectors having been active since COVID-19 overtook the usual flow of our world, we can now look back and learn about how to prepare any business for the new normal. Whether your company is shifting to a balanced in-person and virtual experience or readapting your office space to fit the whole team once again, there are many things to consider.

In a report by the World Economic Forum, we see that several practices will be ever more commonplace. To start, they predict that signage will make its way to the forefront in many spaces. The author of the study notes, “From squash-court-style lines in lobbies to standing spots in lifts, and from circles around desks to lanes in corridors, the floors and walls of our offices are likely to be covered in visual instructions.” Signage that indicates direction of foot traffic, location of essential stations such as restrooms, hand washing sinks and more could be the key to your staff feeling comfortable enough to come back to work. Using materials like adhesive vinyl, printed substrates, and even dimensional displays. Using these tools, your commitment to safety and hygiene will be made clear. 

In large office settings, like those at Cushman & Wakefield, we see that for some companies, an entire remodel of the office will be in store. Forbes notes, “Cushman & Wakefield has designed what it’s calling the “Six Feet Office.” The goal of the initiative is to showcase what a socially distant workplace might look like. The “Six Feet Office” includes arrows plastered on office floors that direct people to walk clockwise—in a very mechanical fashion—around the office. What’s more, each morning, as part of this new layout, employees are asked to grab a paper “desk pad” for their desks that they then discard at the end of each day,”

When considering a revamp of your office space, keep in mind our skills here at Coloredge. Whether you are needing sticky graphics welcoming your customers back, like we did with Ganni in Miami; or if you need dimensional signs worthy of a stare like the ones we did at Madison Square Garden; or even barricades to let the public know space limits like here at The Fulton in New York City’s Seaport District. Needless to say, whatever your needs for the return to the workplace, we at Coloredge have the tools and expertise to get the job done.