Industry Events 2019 — Curated by Coloredge

February 27, 2019 - ,
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With years in the industry, comes the knowledge that one cannot simply become better without occasionally taking some tips from another. Building networks, introducing your business to new people, and learning something at the same time are just a few benefits that can be found at Trade Shows and industry events. These large-scale gatherings help professionals of all walks come together with folks that not only share their interests, but can also come to share business! We have curated a set of events that might turn out to be quite beneficial to you or your company. Given the fact we at Coloredge are immersed in the visual, large scale, and production worlds, we love to travel around seeing what is new and innovative.

As far as the industry events go, the ISA International Sign Expo is billed as an event with more than 20,000 colleagues in the sign, graphics, and visual communications industry, as well more than 600 vendors. Going from Signs and Displays to  everything marketing with the B2B Marketing Expo in Los Angeles, this event boasts a plethora of keynote Speakers, niche specialties, vendors, networking and much more  at the biggest marketing expo on the West Coast. If smaller, more unique experiences are yours and your business’s thing, the Boutique Design Trade Fair is the one for you. Happening in New York during the fall, this fair connects the most inventive manufacturers and most influential design minds in the hospitality industry for two days of discovery, education and conversation. One of the most well known and revered events to come to our industry’s circuit is the International Retail Design Conference, which is designed for retail industry professionals involved in creating and maintaining brick-and-mortar environments. Everything to do with department and grocery stores all the way to pop-ups and specialty shops are what you can expect this year. The last event of the year we thought apt to showcase is the National Retail Federation Tech conference happening in San Francisco in the month of May. This conference offers a unique opportunity to discover and explore latest retail technology while networking with peers from all over the industry.

Moving onto the other branch of our enterprise is the world of Packaging. We have chosen to highlight a few events that we feel are worth our time and effort to attend and draw inspiration from. Firstly, we have the Indie Beauty Expo both in Dallas, Texas and New York City. This expo aims to introduce the newest, most innovative beauty products from small-batch brands and green companies share what they will soon be launching. Given the increasing popularity of eco-friendly packaging and products, this one is not one to miss. Another classic event we are never to miss is the Sweets and Snacks Expo happening this spring in Chicago. This grand event is comprised of 50% sweets and 50% snacks, with retailers and distributors from all the best in both industries. 

Bringing packaging experts together from all the best vertical industries, we have the PMMI Pack Expo taking place this September in New York City. To round out our set of curated industry events, we present to you the LuxePax NYC conference, which brings cutting edge primary and secondary beauty products to both heavy hitters and up-and-comers in the packaging industry.


The events mentioned in this article cover the most innovative and classic events in both industries of visual merchandising/retail and packaging. Maybe we shall see you at one of these awesome events throughout 2019.