K-Beauty: Just A Phase or Here to Stay?

September 20, 2018 -
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Whether or not you’ve heard of the latest beauty trend to establish itself in the U.S., K-beauty is definitely here for good. K-beauty is short for “Korean beauty,” and everything from their signature face masks to balms and lotions have taken the American beauty market by storm. Since K-beauty products first went mainstream in the U.S. around 2015, moisturizers and face masks with whimsical and striking packages are now the norm.

At Coloredge, we’re always watching trends in the packaging world and have seen that other brands have also taken notice of the K-beauty packaging trends engulfing the beauty market. In an article by NBC News, the founder and current CEO of Beauty Insider, a Korean-focused online cosmetics retailer, says, “Packaging, branding, and fresh concepts are what really captured a lot of attention here.”

The beginning of the K-beauty craze caught fire so fast that in 2018 the Korean beauty industry worldwide was valued at $13 billion in sales, with “facial skin care products alone…projected to reach $7.2 billion by 2020… with one out of every five products launched, being a face mask.” (CNN)

The craze does not stop with just consumers. The bug continues all the way to the head of one of the world’s most influential and omnipresent wellness brands, Unilever, who acquired skincare firm Carver Korea in 2017. Needless to say, the effectiveness and offbeat packaging trends known to K-beauty can be adapted for existent beauty products. According to a study released by Coresight Research, “Korean beauty brands have a shorter product development cycle than traditional beauty brands, similar to the ‘Fast-Fashion’ approach that has engulfed the fashion industry. This means that as the products go to market faster, their packaging is designed and produced just as fast, with the results leaving many others in the dust.”               

Industry-revered publication, The DieLine, recently published a shortlist of a few of their favorite beauty packaging designs, with colors, non-traditional style and unusual containers making the biggest impressions. Stay on top of all the trends and let Coloredge guide you as a packaging partner ahead of the changing times.