Material Spotlight: Self-adhesive Vinyl

July 19, 2019 -
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For many of the projects that Coloredge works on, one element is almost always present. It is a material that can be printed to just about any style, cut to any size, and adhered to nearly all surfaces. Self-adhesive vinyl is flexible and versatile in its ability to display impressive, vivid images and signs for indoor and outdoor graphics. Mostly used in advertising, SAV is now more prominent that ever in retail, corporate or event branded environments.

In the past, heat pressing was the only way to transfer designs across to banners and similar displays. This technique often weakened the integrity of the prints, reducing its durability and the length of time it could be reliably displayed; while also limiting the complexity of the designs that could be displayed. With the advent of vinyl printing, designs became more vivid and were able to be displayed for longer periods of time and even through inclement weather.

Being able to withstand time and the elements, printing on Vinyl is one of the most cost-effective methods out there. Check out this beautiful branding done by Coloredge at the San Diego Padres’ home stadium which was replete with vividly printed graphics adhered to the entire arena.

Another time that Coloredge was tasked with creating a branded environment and chose to utilize SAV is here at One New York Plaza Shops, where artist Johanna Herr took designs from currencies of many countries and combined them to produce stellar prints. Given the complexity and the saturation of the colors, vinyl was by far the shoe-in material, which was then adhered to the walls of this namesake shopping center.

Solid walls and surfaces are not the only places apt for the application of self-adhesive vinyl; glass can produce wonderful effects and looks depending on the design! For this job at Brookfield Place in Manhattan, Coloredge helped bring the holiday spirit by printing and installing graphics for the shopping center’s main entrance right at the foot of the World Trade Center. A true masterpiece!

Work with Coloredge for any of your printing needs, and rest assured that we can do the whole job; from printing to retouching to installation, Coloredge doesn’t mess around.