My Business After COVID-19: What’s Next?

May 19, 2020 -
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The first challenge for every business was to stand up to the COVID-19 crisis and navigate through it, which we did together. Now, we need to keep moving forward and we start planning a future within this new normalcy we’re dealing with.

Some say the world will never be the same after the outbreak, and maybe they’re right. What we know for sure, is that every business needs to take measures to assure that situations like this are just a bump in the road and not the end of it.

Here at Coloredge, we consider that every CEO has the power to protect both their company and their team, just by having an eye on long term solutions (and issues that may rise), and not just the immediate future post pandemic.

How can we enable our organizations to thrive in a post-crisis world? Perhaps we can start by thinking about these two simple things:

1. Use technology as a tool and not a replacement

Technology has enabled us to rethink the ways in which we perform fundamental activities during this crisis. Thinking about digital solutions and remote ways for teams to operate and keep offering their services to customers is key to survive scenarios like brought up by COVID-19. We certainly did that here at Coloredge, still managing to offer a large variety of services to our clients while working remotely.

Many companies see technology and AI as a replacement for workers, when it should be a tool for them to keep excelling at customer service and their general tasks, helping them drive a better results rate and boost the growth of the business.

2. Embrace the cultural shift COVID-19 will leave us

The global pandemic exposed weaknesses and rendered many traditional strengths irrelevant. Technology has been the common savior for most organizations’ during the crisis. Also bringing very obvious cultural changes as mandatory remote work, where ZOOM and Skype are the new conference rooms for employees all over the world.

Online sales were already on the rise, and by now, online retail went into overdrive amongst several fields, not just on food and groceries – training courses, entertainment, retail companies, schools. They all offer digital solutions now. It is an opportunity to capitalize on the significant behavioral and cultural shifts of a new post-COVID world, one where all business must combine digital and face-to-face offerings to their customers.

We are seeing major economic and technological transformations happen right in front of our eyes, and right here beside your brand to guide you through all of them.