Omnichannel Marketing: What is it and how can Coloredge help?

August 18, 2020 - , , ,
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Marketing is no longer a simple act. With digital, visual, and print marketing constantly evolving, we see that some brands get left behind. Omnichannel marketing is the concept that all your brand touchpoint match up and the sales experience is seamless from the first time a customer sees your logo, to the follow-up after a sale. There are many ways that Omnichannel marketing can help your brand succeed and and increase sales and brand awareness.
We at Coloredge are no strangers to marketing and helping brands look their best. We know that as a production partner, many brands rely on us to bring their activations and ideas to life, with seamless install included. Speaking of seamless, McKinsey and Co notes that, “customers’ expectations from brands fall into three categories: (1) Speed and flexibility, defined as minimum processing time, responsiveness, and needs-based service. (2) Reliability and transparency, including proactive outreach and communication. And (3) Interaction and care, consisting of comprehensive competence, personal attention, empathy, and simplicity and clarity.” Given this, we see some ways that Coloredge can ensure your brand presence is at the top of its game.

Pitch decks can sell your ideas in a business setting better than many other platforms. By presenting ideas for campaigns in a dynamic, informative way can be just what key decision makers need to make the switch. Check out this project we did for Bulova, the luxury goods company to introduce new styles and campaigns.

On the other hand, for some brands the best way to get your message across is through retail activations. In this example for Story by Macy’s we were able to create a universe within one of America’s most namesake stores. This physical activation was accompanied by custom email assets that followed shoppers home long after they left the store.

Finally, we see that many times the cycle to complete a brand includes digital elements. By using digital elements, you can keep shoppers and brand lovers engages, while collecting data to better improve their experience. In this project for Hugo Boss, we were able to create and install a completely virtual experience that helped shoppers try on new products in a simple and efficient way while collecting email addresses to enhance outreach afterwards.

Count on Coloredge for all of your brand’s omnichannel needs, from physical activations to digital efforts, we can do it all!