Packaging Trends in Craft Beer

July 5, 2018 -
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Any beer drinker will tell you there’s three ways to drink beer: Draft, bottles and cans.

For beer drinkers, there’s not much thought given to these three options. You like your beer how you like it. For beer distributors, however, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to bottles and cans.

According to a paper published at the California Polytechnic State University. “When asking the survey group what type of packaging they preferred, 80.80% responded that they prefer glass bottles. Glass is often associated with higher quality so it has long been the norm for beer to be packaged as such.”

So what do you do when you’re a craft beer company that doesn’t want to spend the money for glass bottles? You find a way to make aluminum better than glass.

How do you procure new clients who are predominately sold on glass? While some beer drinkers may claim they only drink their beer out a bottle, according to the same study, over 71% of consumers said that, they have bought a beer strictly because they were attracted to the packaging. So if you’re looking to switch from glass to bottles, you may not see a dip in revenue if you’re able to resonate with your packaging…in fact, you may even attract more customers.

But what makes good packaging? Codo Design recently listed 8 craft beer branding trends that have swept through the industry, check out the trends below that correspond with the image above. 


1. ULTRA CLEAN & MINIMAL – This stands out on a busy, illustration and color-heavy beer shelf. 

2. PAINTERLY – Swirly and colorful, this aesthetic creates sophisticated packaging.

3. PATTERNING – This is a fun way of expanding your portfolio while not having subsequent releases look identical.

4. BEER AS ART – A more playful, artistic, somewhat abstract approach to packaging. The label art uses loose and sketchy illustrations with large color swatches to eschew traditional indexes for beer packaging.

5. SILVER & SHINY – By leaving a bit of the design file clear, you effectively add another “color” to your can. This adds some nice dimension to the art.

6. FEMININE – Using softer or poppy colors, fun illustrations, and even skewing toward beer styles that are more sessionable.