Popping Up The Holidays

November 20, 2018 -
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This holiday season, you might not find yourself at your local shopping mall or gift shop quite like in the past. More than ever, pop-up shops are all the rage. These small, temporary shops that are remarkable for selling or showcasing new products have been gaining steam ever since they first came into existence more than ten years ago. In all, the industry’s value exceeds $10 billion.

Many brands choose to open short term retail locales that capitalize on the rampant closing of big box and timeless retailers with shops that last anywhere from 2 weeks to one year. Steve Johnson of The Atlantic notes that for many corporations, the goal of pop-up shops is not simply immediate revenue, but product promotion and data collection. He says, “pop-up retail tickles the parts of one’s brain that likes new things, the tighter the time frame…the longer the lines”. Aside from the exclusivity that shoppers feel when visiting a pop-up, the experiential aspect is also what shoppers are after. There is no exception when it comes to the holiday season, which in itself is short-lived.

With many brick and mortar retailers also taking advantage of consumers’ love for retail impermanence, we are seeing classic brands implement pop-ups all over the world. According to USA TODAY, the famed party accessory retailer, Party City is opening 55 temporary storefronts dubbed “Toy City” that will close after the holiday season ends, galvanizing the shoppers that once stormed Toys ‘R’ Us locations nationwide.

Toys aren’t the only thing dominating the holiday pop-up market, with Amazon launching a set of pop-ups in Europe aimed at showcasing new technology along with top of the line toys in six major markets (Retail Dive). Apart from the ability to introduce new products and arouse interest, holiday pop-ups can lead to the creation of permanent retail locations for many brands, with Amazon being the prime example after expanding their physical presence to more than 600 locations worldwide.

While the benefits of holiday pop-ups are countless for many brands, the struggle remains to outshine the competitors, and Coloredge can help you do just that. Let us be your partner in everything pop-up!