Dollar Shave Club

Shave [Design] Time. Shave [Marketing] Money.

To go from a startup to a $1 billion Unilever acquisition, Dollar Shave Club needed more than amazing products and a convenient monthly service. They needed recognition. And they quickly gained that with their hilariously funny viral video marketing campaigns. Lucky for us, we get to produce all of their hero packaging seen throughout these videos. We even get to work on their packaging mockups when they are still in the design stage of their product development. True story! Here’s a look at Dollar Shave Club’s latest and greatest: The Smarter Choice. We produced prototypes for all of the hero shots of this nationally broadcasted campaign…even the shave butter that comedic co-founder and CEO, Michael Dubin, is seen finagling with. “Nope! Can’t have this one. It’s display.” A perfectly prototyped display, that is!