Museum of Modern Art


American artist, Louise Lawler, took over a floor of the Museum of Modern Art on April 30th with her “Why Pictures Now” exhibit – a title in which she purposely leaves out proper punctuation to accentuate the importance of pictures. Her major retrospective combines non-linear groups of photographs with mural-scale, “adjusted to fit” images that are stretched and distorted to fit the dimensions of the walls.

As with any museum project, Coloredge’s objective is to support the artist’s vision of an environmental experience, while keeping our work and our production techniques inconspicuous. For “Why Pictures Now,” we meticulously produced and installed immense wall coverings using over 5,000 square feet of vinyl, including production of the black-and-white tracings of Lawler’s photographs. This project provided a wonderful opportunity for Coloredge to demonstrate our strength in visual arts while supporting a highly accomplished artist. On display through July 30th.

“Digital Images © 2017 The Museum of Modern Art, New York.” Photographed by Martin Seck