US Open

U.S. Open Queens, NY

For the 139th edition of the US Open, taking place at Arthur Ashe stadium in Queens, NY, branding is everything. Apart from the world class athletes and the record breaking attendance, one thing is for sure: Instagrammability is key. Spanning over a two week period, thousands of tennis fans are expected to turn out for this once a year sports extravaganza. When Coloredge was asked to take part in the adornment of the stadium, we jumped at the opportunity. Creating a three-dimensional, oversize version of the New York City logo out of plexiglass and then filling the structure with hundreds of tennis balls, this art piece was ready for all the social media moments that were in store. From help in ideation and the construction of the pieces, Coloredge was honored to have a small role in one of sports’ most influential events.