Post-COVID-19: Implications for Businesses

April 25, 2020 -
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Although the phrase “new normal” has been mentioned quite often lately, in many ways its definition is still a question mark for all of us. Our hope is that current global efforts to contain the virus and its impact are going to be successful. However, it is becoming obvious that the coronavirus outbreak has fundamentally changed the reality for many businesses. For a lot of retailers, the question going forward is when will the customers come back? But more importantly, what will we need to do differently as retailers to meet future customer needs?

This blog from our team at Coloredge is intended to provide our partners and readers with a perspective on the unfolding situation and its implications on the retail world.

Many changes in customer behavior will require new or modified approaches to sell products and provide services. Consumers will have a heightened sense of vulnerability and sensitivity to the role we play in keeping everyone healthy. In-store signage, displays, and wayfinding are essential to guide customers throughout the store while keeping everyone a safe distance to each other. An increase in hygienic awareness also calls for hand sanitizer dispensers or even hand-washing stations to be installed. If your business practice involves providing person-to-person services, protective equipment such as face mask, face shield, and gloves will show your commitment to prioritizing the wellbeing of both employees and customers and enhance their trust.

When coming out of a global crisis, consumers expect to see authenticity from brands. Many will seek unique, refreshing, and exciting shopping experiences to compensate for their time social distancing at home. As a retailer, you should be prepared for this pivotal moment to present yourself in front of consumers as a relevant, revived, and trustworthy choice. With years of experience in the industry, Coloredge has the capabilities to produce world-class elements for brick-and-mortar installations, red carpet events, launch parties, pop-ups, branded interactive environments, and any visual branding needed to help your retail business get back on an exciting journey. 

Last but not least, while we are still confined to social distancing, it is important to stay informed and in touch with your customers. How consumers react to your brand AFTER the crisis can depend largely on what you do DURING the crisis. A few recommendations from the Coloredge team to help your business navigate in this unprecedented time: 

  • Set up Google Trend and Google Alerts to stay up-to-date on local conditions and better adjust your messaging and tone across communication channels
  • Update all of your customer-facing sites to reflect the latest changes in your business operations such as new store hours, delay in delivery time, and information about any precautionary measures you are taking to ensure the well-being of everyone
  • PREPARE. PREPARE. PREPARE. This cannot be over-emphasized. Whatever industry you are in, things will certainly not go back to what it was. Get ready for what the future might hold with Coloredge. We Are Right Beside Your Brand.

To end on a bright note, remember that change creates opportunity. Businesses who communicate with customers, adapt and overcome challenges with a proactive approach in this changing situation will do much better than those who don’t.