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In today’s changing world, cooperation and partnership are two of the most valuable things in business. When design agencies are tasked with projects that seem a bit too big for their particular capabilities, many look to vendors or partners to fill the void. Design is a widely diverse industry, therefore many things go far beyond that of plain graphics. Retail pop-ups, branded experiences, platform consistency, and overall impact are a few keywords that many agencies encounter when making their clients’ visions come to life.

Say you are tasked with creating a 50’- by- 50’ barricade to conceal an historic building construction site. You have the concepts down pat, but you are stuck on who exactly to call once the product must be made tangible. This is where the ever important production partner enters the picture. In this article from Adage, Kat Friis notes how, “Some agencies have lost sight of what’s most important: making sure we’re delivering the best work possible for our clients. That means that whenever possible we are able to engage best-in-class partners that are selected to specifically deliver on the idea on the table—not a one-size-fits-all solution.”

This idea contributes to the notion that every agency should have a dedicated production partner to more easily and quickly fulfill the diverse graphic and visual needs of clients. The head of global strategy for Qualcomm, one of the world’s most well known communications equipment companies, notes in the article for Digiday that when agencies have dedicated production partners, they “get time to be creative and have an ability to direct the work,” and also adds that the production partners, “bring to the table an expertise level that traditional agencies may not be staffed up for.”


Coloredge is no stranger to partnering with leading clients and agencies to produce and install some unique and striking elements that are all but to be forgotten. For this project for Sony Square in New York City, aibo the dog resurfaced better than ever and Coloredge was tasked with bringing the world of the robotic dog to life with jumbo-sized tinted lettering, custom playpens and brilliantly branded surfaces. Bringing brands to life through experience is no different when it comes to the world of packaging. For Twice, Coloredge produced the hero package for the brand new toothpaste that aims to change the oral care game through a dual night and day-time routine that keeps your mouth fresh and clean. Lastly, for classic New York institution Henri Bendel’s final holiday shopping season, Coloredge utilized the mainstay brown hat box in a way not so common; piled into the shape of a giant tree!


For projects big, small, or somewhere in between, Coloredge can be your agency’s perfect partner in production.