Retail Trends Going Into 2021

December 11, 2020 -
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This year has undoubtedly transformed everything we know. As we keep our eyes fixed on the coming future, we want to know what the industry has in store in 2021.

From QR codes, to sanitization stations, or an Omnichannel boom, there are many new trends that had their start due to the pandemic, but could quite possibly be here to stay.

Let’s start in the world of marketing, a world where we have definitely left a footprint over the years. Omnichannel marketing is the practice that matches a brand’s virtual and digital presence with other digital elements like AR/VR that essentially bring the entire essence together. In this article by Forbes, we see that, “Connecting these technologies is enabling retailers to bring the convenience of online shopping to offline shops and stores, and the richly interactive environment of offline shopping to the world of e-commerce”. By keeping this mind, brands can ensure the experience and perception by consumers remains high. 

Another aspect of the post-pandemic retail industry is the fact that direct-to-consumer brands are going to strengthen their partnerships and the manner in which they present themselves to consumers. According to the National Retail Federation, we see that “DTC brands have introduced new categories and are pouring new energy into perfecting their customer-obsession objectives.”

The final aspect of the retail shift expected in 2021 is that of personalizing the shopping experience for every customer. Using data from online habits, payment methods and the like can offer retailers a strong perception of what their customers want, and exactly how. Regarding this, Mckinsey notes how “the best personalized experiences, retailers make the customer part of the dialogue and leverage data to create one-to-one personalization. Customers receive offers that are targeted not just at customers like them, with brands targeting at the segment level with broad-based offers, but at them as individuals, with products, offers, and communications that are uniquely relevant to them.”

Taking all of this into account can help your brand ensure the best and most effective consumer experience as we close out this year and look at 2021.