Thanking Your Customers: The Perks For Your Business

November 16, 2020 - ,
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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, this means the Holiday season is upon us. This is the perfect opportunity for you and your business to be thankful towards your clientele and stay present in their top of mind. A simple thank you goes a long way in the business world, specially in the competitive landscape of retail, e-commerce and digital marketing. This year, show some gratitude and think about sending a Thanksgiving card to your most loyal clients (with our help, of course) – this sounds pretty basic and a no-brainer, but some brands take it for granted or think it’s “too predictable” or “not on-brand” for them. Here we present 4 good reasons for you to think twice before not sending a Thanksgiving card this year:

  1. Sales are coming – jump on it: Kicking off the Holiday Season means all the shopping lists and wishlists from your customers are ready to become a reality, so they’re looking for a good sale. Be thankful for their support but also offer your clients an offer they can’t pass on, placing your brand in front of your competitors. The key for doing this correctly is: don’t use Thanksgiving to blatantly sell your products.
  2. Retain your customers: Think for a second that Thanksgiving doesn’t kick off the highest shopping season of the year, you still want to foster the relationships you have with loyal customers and clients. What better way to do so than showing some heartfelt gratitude? Customers want to be associated with brands that have human qualities. Sending business greeting cards is especially important for online businesses where the human contact is missing – especially during COVID times. 
  3. The element of surprise: Yes, most companies (if not all of them) send out Holiday Cards… but not all of them send Thanksgiving cards. This is your chance to surprise your customers – these types of messages are meant to stand out basically during any time outside of Christmas, where they’re all likely to get bombarded with sales, offers, messages, emails, cards and such. This is your time to think outside of the box. 
  4. Give your brand the spotlight: Fighting for attention during the actual Holidays can be harder, if you jump ahead of what all brands are doing, you’re more likely to actually connect with your clients and give your business the focus it deserves. You’ll benefit from concentrated attention. 

A couple of Dont’s to take into consideration: Don’t send your card too late (7-10 before the actual date), don’t be too salesy (it’s a turn off), and don’t leave out your assistants and team.

A couple of Do’s: Keep it short and to the point, acknowledge the elephant in the room that is 2020 in general, keep the focus on gratitude and what’s next (being hopeful for the future will get us all through).