Top 4 Digital Solutions I Can Implement for My Business (with Coloredge) in the Near Future

June 5, 2020 - Uncategorized
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We’re going through a very particular time right now, a time where companies must work together in order to keep the market going. With COVID-19 still being around, quarantine remains a reality for many of us and digital solutions keep being the number one option for most companies to sail through this pandemic storm. 

Luckily, our team at Coloredge hasn’t stopped and still offers one of the most solid list of services out there, with digital solutions being one of our top priorities priority right now. Let’s go through them and see where your needs meet our set of skills and capabilities. 

  1. Retouching: From beauty to retail, all markets need a solid retouching team besides them. Digital retouching is key for any business from campaigns, web, and social media assets – Your brand needs to looks flawless regarding of the context. 
  2. 3D & Rendering: Creating realistic 3D models and digital imagery for campaigns, prototypes, ads, websites and such is right up our team’s alley. Being technology savvy (like us) is a must nowadays. 
  3. Packaging: From the creative process to production, we make sure your product is ready to make some noise out there. We get involved in every step of the developing process, including prototypes, photography, prepress and technology. Your brand’s packaging is in safe hands with us. 
  4. In-Store Displays: While remote is the norm right now, we must think ahead also, preparing for the return of clients and buyers to the stores in the real world. When that happens, your brand needs to stand out and to do so, we count with top technology and innovative ideas to create original in-store displays to highlight the attributes of any product.