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My Business After COVID-19: What’s Next?

May 19, 2020

The first challenge for every business was to stand up to the COVID-19 crisis and navigate through it, which we did together. Now, we need to keep moving forward and we start planning a future within this new normalcy we’re dealing with. Some say the world will never be the same after the outbreak, and… View Article

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Post-COVID-19: Implications for Businesses

April 25, 2020

Although the phrase “new normal” has been mentioned quite often lately, in many ways its definition is still a question mark for all of us. Our hope is that current global efforts to contain the virus and its impact are going to be successful. However, it is becoming obvious that the coronavirus outbreak has fundamentally… View Article

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How Has E-Commerce Managed to Help Brands Stay Afloat?

April 18, 2020

As Coronavirus takes hold of the world and changes the way we work, shop, and interact with others, certain aspects of life might forever change. As people stop shopping in stores, or keep their distance when doing so, e-commerce is seeming to have an up-tick.    At Coloredge, we are always keeping an eye out… View Article

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